Cineworld kingsman

Hey all, I just wanted to let you know about an amazing move that’s coming out called kingsman. Fox could potentially have created a fresh sassy movie franchise with the new out of the box kingsman it is very ridiculously and engaging for a spy movie. The Directors direction is sharp and polished throughout and we are dazzled by the spy gadget, violent and all the shocking and hilarious parts.  Kingsman is a largely entertaining, amazing, ultra-violent, underlie Bond into absurdity but then making them work. Injects cool thrills back into the spy film scene, Kingsman is a chip of the old block. Thanks to cineword for the advanced screening using my cineworld unlimited card I will mention below how you can get your hands on a free month. A stars in your eyes and well acted action movie borrowed by humor and fresh made by people who’ve seen way too many Bond movies.

Colin Firth under cover agent AKA Kingsman is a secret community that’s very dissimilar other spy related movies. He says he works in Savile Row tailors but used to be a soldier and now is a spy. He teaches Eggsy a youth class boy with a troublesome life, as a new member for the secret posh spy community because one of there own is killed. because of a rich business man Valentine and his sharp legged woman hit woman, who chops things with her sharp metal legs. Valentine cooks up a plan to kill all the world’s population, so the Kingsman team attempt to stop him.

The plot I find complex may under simplified, involve a old man who might be recruited entirely by chance to be a full time secret agent in the security comunity. The person not in question who owes young jenny mother a great deal of money. Since her father died and never saved Cap’s life .

If you would like to get your hands on a free one month of cineworld unlimited just to to the website and copy the cineworld promo code.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Easy to do vintage floral nails

I hope you all had a blast at your New Year’s celebration and I’d like to welcome 2014 with a glamorous introduction. I want to share with you my latest design obsession. ROSES! I have started to develop an obsession with different colors of roses lately. I guess winter had made me feel sick of boring solid dark colors and the cold atmosphere. Flowers are great elements to brighten up any outfit only if you do it right because it is very easy to go over the top when styling with flowers. I would suggest keeping things clean cut and simple by including dots and strokes, it will help you get a sophisticated look. I was sporting a simple black furry chunky sweater, faux leather pants, gold chain necklace and my burgundy ankle boots for our New Year’s Eve party, and I finished it off with my ‘Vintage Rose’ manicure. I was surprised to have got so many compliments about my nails.

Katy Perry’s dress in AMA’s (American Music Awards) Red Carpet in 2013 was the inspiration behind this nail tutorial. It definitely gives off an elegant vibe to it. I never imagined polka dots and roses in one place could look so good. Everyone can absolutely pull off this nail design with any outfit. It will look like they had it done from an expensive nail salon. My friends was curious on how I painted this design so I had to set a manicure session with them to help them recreate this lovely design. With just a dotting tool, you can achieve your own dainty vintage floral design. I did it on my own and it was easier than what I was expecting. It only took me about 35 minutes to prep and polish and dry them all. So chic and classy.

To create this look Ifd1 brought all my products from the Nail Nation shop, after pepping the nails, apply a black nail polish to each nails. You might also like to use a dark blue or brown shade. Any color would be nice for the background as long as it is dark. Once it dries, use a dotting tool to add the mini polka dots all over the nails. Use a white nail polish when dotting. Feel free to start dotting in any corner. But always remember to give enough space to make it look neat and not to crowded. Always be light handed when dotting to achieve a perfect small vintage polka dots. Otherwise, it will turn out to be some crowded polka-dotted Minnie mouse. Let it dry for a few minutes. And now we are ready to do the roses. You might think it is hard to paint the roses on, think again. The tool that will help us to create it is none other than the same tool that we used to create the tiny little dots. Yes. A Dotting Tool! Don’t worry if you don’t have a dotting tool. I have found the perfect and even better improvise for it and it’s none other than a TOOTHPICK. Most of the time I use a toothpick when I do my own nails because it is easier.

However, for my clients, I used a dotting tool or an orange wood stick to make it feel more professionally done. To make the roses, simply dip the tip of the dotting tool in a bright red nail polish and create an imperfect circle bigger than the dots. The key here is not to make a perfect circle. Make 2 or 3 of these in each nails. After letting it dry, pick up your toothpick again but this time, it will be dipped in a light pink nail polish. Starting from the middle of one of the imperfect circles that we created, make a small C-like stroke. Make another C-stroke but bigger than the first one and facing the first stroke. Do a couple of C-strokes more until the C’s have covered the entire rose. The C’s will make an illusion of the gap between the petals of the roses. Paint 3 green leaves on each rose. Don’t forget to apply some top coat to protect the design and to add some shine. And voila! You’ve created your gorgeous vintage floral nails. It is a very easy nail art and yet so chic. You’re ready to rock any party and pull off any looks for the whole 2014.



Nail Polish:

China Glaze Black Diamond (Black)

OPI Alpine Snow (White)

OPI Big Apple Red (Red)

China Glaze Something Sweet (Light Pink)

OPI Jade Is The New Black (Green)

Seche Vite Top coat